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The Roots of Our Labor

In today’s world market , with shared technologies, global standards and instant communication, the factors that distinguish one business from the next often come down to customer service and efficiency. That means effective employee training and system development have never been so important in maintaining a competitive edge. At NSBT we approach every training and consulting opportunity with the same philosophy: excellent, well-trained employees are The Key to any successful company.

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Hey NSBT – What’s With the Boot Print?!

bootIt’s rare for a business to finalize a corporate logo before they decide upon a company name. But our company has always been different. In a classic case of thinking outside the box, here’s the story of how the NSBT “boot-print” became our corporate identity, and then became the catalyst for our company name.

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About Our Trainers

Meet the people that make it happen here at NSBT.

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Here are a few things our valued clients have to say about us…….
“Cannot wait to have them back!” & “The team loved it!”
Great Lakes Home & Spa

“Great message, fun and lots of laughs!”
Spectrum Health

“Easy to do business with!”
Sun Chemical

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Companies from large to small have had great success with our services. Here are just a few.


Michigan State University

Procter & Gamble

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