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Do absolutely everything with excellence and exuberance!

The Roots of Our Labor

In today’s world market with shared technologies, global standards and instant communication the factors that distinguish one business from the next often come down to customer service and efficiency.  That means effective employee training and system development have never been so important in maintaining a competitive edge. At NSBT we approach every training and consulting opportunity with the same philosophy:  excellent, well-trained employees are The Key to any successful company.

In 1993, responding to the growing need for superior training on an as needed basis, Suzanne Gust founded Not So Basic Training iin Detroit, MI.  Her goal was to give business and industry a quality resource for the customized leadership, management and customer service skill building that would help them stay competitive. Suzanne combined her solid business experience with the concepts of participatory and interactive learning to form the guiding principles behind NSBT. The result was client-focused training sprinkled with stories, activities, role-playing and group discussions delivered with enthusiasm, confidence and an abiding respect for the client’s time and the intelligence of every participant.

Successful business leaders recognized the need for this kind of training, and the response to NSBT was immediate.  By 1998 the company had relocated to Western Michigan, expanded services to include operational training & consulting, and became an internationally recognized company.

In 2003, NSBT moved to a new, larger location and passed the ownership torch on to VP of Sales, Mitzi Taylor, who continues to lead the company to meet and exceed every goal and quality standard we have set. Our faciliators, training and office staff serve over a client base with needs ranging from Customer Service, Strategic Leadership and Personal Coaching.  Yet, as in the beginning, NSBT’s culture and core focus remains the same:  love what we do, do what we excel at, have some fun AND get results!

Our mission: To do absolutely everything with excellence and exuberance


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