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Over the years our clients have asked us to provide additional services to them that supplement our training. We offer these services as our Consulting and Coaching services. We know you will find additional services that will help your organization reach the next level. We can also design something specifically for you!

Consulting is quoted per client/situation.

Pesonal Coaching   We offer personal coaching in any of our topics.  Coaching is a participative relationship geared to improve performance and effectiveness of individuals and business.

Strategic Planning Consulting Strategic Planning is a facilitated process that occurs at the executive/owner level that helps organizations and/or groups align their resources against the master plan to maximize productivity.

New Hire Orientation How is your turnover? Do you have a system in place to train the new employees coming into your company? If you are treating them less than your most valuable asset, this service is for you. A facilitator will come in, asses your current system of orientation and develop a world class program that will fit your needs.

The Employee Experience I would bet my next vacation that you unflinchingly invest in enhancing the Customer Experience, capital equipment, and even new technologies to help your business grow. When was the last time you thought about the Employee Experience? What about the people that DON’T get the job? Ever given them a thought? You should. Areas to explore: Brand Marketing (are you enticing the kind of team members you are looking for?), Hiring Process, OnBoarding, and much more. We assist organizations in ensuring the entire experience with your brand is stellar. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with this critical area!

Meeting Facilitation What is worse than a long meeting in the middle of a busy day? A long meeting that is poorly organized and inefficient. Face it, in today’s busy workplace, no one has time to waste, and yet keeping everyone up to date, on the same page and informed has never been more important in successful and prosperous companies. NSBT will facilitate your tough meetings for you and ensure success. We can also help you set up a system to run your own successful meetings.

Employee Focus Groups You really DO want to know how your employees feel about you, your leadership, your culture, etc. We can help you accomplish this by facilitating focus groups with your staff with the right questions to ensure you obtain valuable information and feedback to make necessary changes.


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