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New Hire Orientation Kit


New Hire Orientation Kit

Are you interested in retaining key employees? This powerfully written manual is exactly what every company needs to produce an effective new hire orientation program. Successful companies start with excellent employees. This kit will walk you step by step through the new hire orientation process.
Kit Contains: 25 New Hire Orientation Activities Diskette with forms, letters, checklists and more! Tips and techniques for a powerful, show-stopping program for all new hires!

Training Activity Book II

50 additional fabulous, proven training activities for warm-ups, introductions, content practice and review. Book also includes bonus of 25 ways to group people and flipchart rules you cannot afford to live without!



5S Training & Implementation Guide

This toolkit was developed to provide you with the necessary tools to build a successful system within your organization, group or facility. This package provides information, creative ideas and supplies that, when applied, will guide the development, implemetation and continuous improvement of your 5S Workplace Organization System.

Not So Common Courtesy – The Owner’s Manual

Where in the world did Common Courtesy go?! I don’t want to ruin this story for you, but I found out Common Courtesy is dying a slow and painful death. I want it back, so welcome to my journey. Common Courtesy used to describe behaviors that everyone was expected to know and practice, hence the word ‘common’. There was a personal accountability to being courteous. Your manners and etiquette were not just about how you treated others, it was a show of your attitude in general. This book is about finding Common Courtesy and putting it back on the road to good health. Topics include: Communication Courtesy, Public Places, Traveling and Personal Courtesy. I have made this interactive for the reader (e.g. sign the front of the book, adding ideas in certain sections, Pass-it-Along Pages, etc.). Have fun!

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