One hour or less, mini-training sessions! Totally bite size. Can be a broad overview of a topic to get people thinking about it, make it top-of-mind. Or it could be a deep dive into a very specific area. Can be facilitated in-person and virtual. We can pretty much make any of our Training Topics into a Mini-Training.

Here are some sample topics:

Business Communications: Email
More and more businesses are LOSING business due to misuse of one of our largest communication tools—email. Email is a fantastic business tool, when used correctly! This session focuses on helping participants understand the link between clear communication and using email, Email 101 (when to use, when NOT to use, etc.), email etiquette, and how to stay out of trouble when using this critical tool (understand tone, etc.)!

Employee Engagement: Top 10 Things You Need to Know
If you think ‘employee engagement’ is one of those flavor of the month programs, touchy-feely mumbo jumbo, you might want to think again. If you are not putting effort into this critical area, it might already be a problem in your department/organization. According to the 2013 Gallup Employee Engagement Study: 30% of employees are engaged, 52% disengaged, 18% ACTIVELY disengaged. This session helps participants understand the importance of making employee engagement a top business goal and how to go about it.

When Customer Service Goes Viral
The only thing more damaging than a bad review……is a bad review that is seen OVER & OVER! Gone are the days where a person will tell 10 others if they have a bad experience. Now, customers make videos that go viral (seen by a high number of people in a short period of time) to tell everyone how bad their encounter was (according to a recent Nielsen survey, more than half of all U.S. consumers now turn to social media to air questions and complaints about products and services). More than ever before, we have to have the entire organization focused on the customer experience and make this EVERYONE’S job. This session is geared to help participants not only understand how damaging this event can be, but set up practices so this does not happen to them!

Leading Excellent Customer Service
Providing excellent customer service should be one of the easiest things to accomplish in the business world: find out what your customer needs, meet their needs, and treat the customer like a partner, not the enemy. Reality is (if most organizations are honest with themselves) if you were to poll your external customers, they feel you could do much better and you are probably losing money because you are not meeting their needs. This keynote provides the leader with a to-do list of what needs to be in place to lead and sustain great service in any industry and why it is so important to create a service focus from the perspective of the bottom line.

Building Positive Work Relationships
Of all of the tools we acquire, use and sharpen as we build our success in business, the ability to communicate effectively is certainly the one we rely on most. The best communicators learn to convey ideas clearly and consistently to a variety of audiences, turning their communications skills into true power tools they can use to carve out career growth and personal successes. This session explores the fundamentals of effective communication and gives you proven methods to help strengthen your skills. This session focuses on communication within your organization.

Creating a Culture of Commitment
Gallup studies show that only a third of a company’s employees are truly “engaged”- enthusiastic, go-getters who are dedicated to the success of the business. So how do you get the rest of your staff to take ownership and initiative? This session is geared to leaders who are trying to create a culture of commitment in their organizations. Success stories, specific examples, and practical techniques will provide leaders with some immediate ideas to implement.

Change? Not ME!
Change is something that we will all face in our work and family lives. How we manage change will determine our ability to grow, process new information and succeed. This keynote will focus on how to make change for yourself and others effective, efficient and healthy. Discussed will be the stages of change, how to get individuals to best accept new ideas and directions, how we manage our own stress levels and how to cope with this ever changing and dynamic business world.

Focusing Individual Learning on Corporate Strategies
Organizations that are fully aligned have people who focus learning on the company strategies which will create increased efficiency, rapid application of skills, and will give clear advantage in the marketplace. In this session you will see examples from world class organizations showing how to tie learning, hiring and performance to objectives.

Creating a Culture of Accountability
People can only be accountable when the organization has certain things in place to make accountability possible. Even though it is easy to blame people (individuals) for not being accountable, quite often it is the fault of the organization. Therefore the organization has to remedy a lack of accountability by putting specific systems, measures and procedures in place. This session will help you understand what you need to create the culture you desire.

The Clash of the Co-Workers
You are trying to focus, but your coworker is talking loudly on their speakerphone. Your head is going to explode because of the strong smell of cologne coming from the next cubicle. The sales department keeps making promises that you can’t possibly fulfill. Conflict management is a critical skill for all employees. This session includes tools and role playing to help participants handle workplace disputes in a professional, tactful way.

Get a Grip!
It’s 5:00 o’clock and you are staring at your ever-growing inbox. Your to-do list for the day is still on your desk. That gym membership you bought has not been the best investment. You can’t remember the last time you went out for fun with a friend. Sound familiar? Well it doesn’t have to be this way! Join us for this quick session of tips and techniques to get a grip on your life!

How to Handle the Stresses of Life
It’s unreasonable to think that anyone could get rid of all of their stress. The only people with no stress are those not currently alive. But there are proven ways to reduce the unavoidable stresses we face every day, and there are definite strategies for avoiding some stress sources altogether. If you’re alive, active, working, raising a family or all of the above, you have stress. Why not learn how to deal with it effectively?

Office Etiquette
What exactly does Professionalism in the Office mean? Can we just tell someone to “start acting like a professional”? The answer is no, it can mean different things to different people. Professional is not something you call yourself, it is a term that others (hopefully) apply to you. In this fun and story-filled session, participants learn to recognize unprofessional behavior and how to turn it around, the importance of 1st impressions, how to conduct themselves in meetings, professional image, and most importantly what it means to be a professional. Any individual who works in an office environment will find this seminar entertaining, enlightening, and informative.