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Over the years our clients have asked us to provide additional services to them that supplement our content/training. We offer these services as Coaching & Consulting. We design everything we do to help your organization reach that next level of success. These services are custom designed to fit your specific needs and goals.

  • Live On-Site | Virtual
  • Mini Training Sessions | Coaching
  • Custom Developed Solutions

These services are quoted per client/situation.


We offer personal coaching in any of our topics. Coaching is a participative relationship geared to improve performance and effectiveness of individuals and business. Coaching benefits include:
  • Direct, specific feedback
  • Tailor fit duration and times
  • Accountability
  • Increase your awareness of self and others
  • Maximize your strengths
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Reduced learning time

These services are quoted per client/situation.

Coaching is conducted either on-site (face to face) or off-site (phone, email or virtual). A typical structure may be:
  • Identify and document the challenge, issue or goal
  • Develop a plan or strategy
  • Barriers to implementation
  • Feedback on progress
  • Accountability to plan
  • Next Steps

Over the years our clients have asked us to provide additional services to them that supplement our training. We offer these services as our Consulting and Coaching services. We know you will find additional services that will help your organization reach the next level. We can also design something specifically for you!

Consulting is quoted per client/situation.

Sample Coaching Content Areas:

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is one of the most effective corporate tools available today. Successful leaders understand that they will have challenges, conflict and questions that they may need assistance with. Leadership Coaching could be the answer. Gaining greater credibility. Handling tough people and situations with confidence. Making a stronger impact on people. Those are some issues you’re likely to face in the work setting. Developing professional relationship techniques can help you in every situation, with your boss, colleagues and direct reports, every time you have to make a point, win support or help your employees be successful.

Areas where NSBT Coaching Services can assist:
Become the leader you want to be!
• Communicate, motivate, and delegate with authority
• Develop strategies for resolving differences
• How to state your needs/concerns clearly
• Gain greater self-awareness and higher self-esteem
• Build your image as a strong, fair-minded leader
• Get colleagues and management to listen to your ideas
• The difference between constructive assertiveness and destructive aggressiveness
• Developing your ability to influence others
• Active listening and responsiveness
• Giving and receiving feedback constructively
• Building your team
• Understanding everyone is in this together!
• Strategic thinking and looking at the bigger picture

Presentation Skills Coaching

Maybe you believe people should care about “what” you say not “how” you say it. But let’s be honest – our first impression of any presentation is usually the presenter, not the content. And we’re much more likely to absorb and retain information if the presentation is engaging and interesting. If your presentation skills aren’t 100%, you risk losing your audience regardless of how important your material is. And remember, if they snooze, you lose! Whether you’re a training professional, an executive who frequently leads meetings, a sales person, a team leader, or anyone who is responsible for communicating clearly to more than one person at a time, Presentation Skills coaching will show you new ways to make effective presentations with confidence and enthusiasm. Coaching is a participative relationship geared to improve performance and effectiveness of individuals and business.

NSBT On-Site/Virtual Retainer Coaching!

One of the most valuable ways that our clients have found to utilize our services is to have our coaching services on retainer. This is not a service we have formally offered to our clients in the past as it was not something WE thought of. As enlightened as we think we are, our clients keep teaching us new ways to have us help them! We love it!  How does it work? Click here to find out!


Strategic Planning Consulting Strategic Planning is a facilitated process that occurs at the executive/owner level that helps organizations and/or groups align their resources against the master plan to maximize productivity.

New Hire Orientation How is your turnover? Do you have a system in place to train the new employees coming into your company? If you are treating them less than your most valuable asset, this service is for you. A facilitator will come in, asses your current system of orientation and develop a world class program that will fit your needs.

The Employee Experience I would bet my next vacation that you unflinchingly invest in enhancing the Customer Experience, capital equipment, and even new technologies to help your business grow. When was the last time you thought about the Employee Experience? What about the people that DON’T get the job? Ever given them a thought? You should. Areas to explore: Brand Marketing (are you enticing the kind of team members you are looking for?), Hiring Process, OnBoarding, and much more. We assist organizations in ensuring the entire experience with your brand is stellar. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with this critical area!

Meeting Facilitation What is worse than a long meeting in the middle of a busy day? A long meeting that is poorly organized and inefficient. Face it, in today’s busy workplace, no one has time to waste, and yet keeping everyone up to date, on the same page and informed has never been more important in successful and prosperous companies. NSBT will facilitate your tough meetings for you and ensure success. We can also help you set up a system to run your own successful meetings.

Employee Focus Groups You really DO want to know how your employees feel about you, your leadership, your culture, etc. We can help you accomplish this by facilitating focus groups with your staff with the right questions to ensure you obtain valuable information and feedback to make necessary changes.


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