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We offer personal coaching in any of our topics.  Coaching is a participative relationship geared to improve performance and effectiveness of individuals and business. Coaching benefits include:

  • Direct, specific feedback
  • Tailor fit duration and times
  • Accountability
  • Increase your awareness of self and others
  • Maximize your strengths
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Reduced learning time

Sample Coaching Programs:


NEW: JIT Leadership Coaching!

One of the most valuable ways that our clients have found to utilize our services is to have our coaching services on retainer. This is not a service we have formally offered to our clients in the past as it was not something WE thought of. As enlightened as we think we are, our clients keep teaching us new ways to have us help them! We love it!  How does it work? Click here to find out!

How does the coaching process work?

Coaching is conducted either on-site (face to face) or off-site (phone, email or virtual). A typical structure may be:

  • Identify and document the challenge, issue or goal
  • Develop a plan or strategy
  • Barriers to implementation
  • Feedback on progress
  • Accountability to plan
  • Next Steps


Call for more information on our Virtual Coaching! 

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