Leading Change

by | Feb 16, 2019

Great leaders realize the importance of the ‘people’ side of an organization. During change, the people side is the side that is often cast aside as the lesser of the important issues to worry about (money, systems, resources, etc. take the forefront).  But it is the people side that can make or break the efforts toward change.  Leaders, are you up to the task of leading the people through change?!

What you will need:

  • A clear vision. Ensure you understand how this change will add value to the vision of your organization, and then ensure everyone else knows it too. People need direction or they cannot add value in the right direction. (A lot of energy is generated during change. Make sure the energy is directed in the right direction!)
  • Trust. Critical to the success of leaders. Do you have it? Do you give it?
  • Availability of your leaders. Give people access to the decision makers. People need to ask questions, pose frustrations (venting), see that leaders are leading by example.
  • Great coaching skills. During Fear, leaders need to listen, have empathy, be patient, and provide clear direction. A Plan. See more on page……
  • Buy-in. Yes starting at the top, but ending with all levels. You need everyone to buy-into this change for it to be successful. No, everyone does not have to agree with it, they have to UNDERSTAND it (see next bullet). Get people’s input!
  • Communication, communication, communication.
  • Systems to sustain, monitor and continuously improve change.
  • Closure at the end of change. This not only helps people feel successful but also sets them up for the next change.

Question: Are you modeling the behaviors you would like to pass on to your employees?


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